Chamomile Oat Soap Bar

Chamomile Oat Soap Bar


This super gentle bar is specifically designed for skin that needs a little extra care and nourishment. Chamomile is widely known as a an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic. Together with oatmeal, it can help to calm skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, but is also just great for baby or if you prefer a gentle, unscented bar. This Chamomile Oat Bar combines organic chamomile infused in sunflower oil and organic chamomile tea, together with finely ground gluten-free oatmeal and hydrating oils like sunflower and shea butter and is a truly comforting nothing-close-to-basic, basic bar.

All soaps are hand made by me utilizing the cold-process method, always vegan, always palm-free.

As with all handmade soap bars, this bar will last its longest if kept lifted out of pools of water.

Ingredients: Organic Olive oil, Organic Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Organic Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide (lye), Water, Organic Chamomile, Gluten-Free Oats.

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