Hello friends! I am Laurel Grinnell-Wilson, San Diego based soap artisan and founder of Community Soap Project. I began making soap for my family in Fall of 2017 because I wanted to continue to limit the amount of chemicals I brought into my home and that my family and I put on our bodies. I make all of my soaps by hand and my recipes include herbs and botanicals from my own garden or my friends' gardens whenever possible. I try to source my ingredients locally, from my own community, when possible and all of my recipes are vegan, never with palm oil, and tested only on yours truly. 

What's in a name? I believe that everyone deserves great soap. Free of chemicals, additives, perfumes, dyes. This is why with every bar of soap I sell, a portion of my profit is set aside to give back to those in my local community that are in need. At this point, and as my business grows, the recipients of these proceeds from Community Soap project will be revolving. Please check my blog for updates on who is receiving now and next!

When you think of Community Soap Project, I hope that you think about beautiful, hand crafted soaps made with intention that are great for your skin and hair. I also hope you consider purchasing my product knowing that each bar is made with intention and gives back with intention. Thank you for your support! 

If you have any comments, questions, or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out and contact me. 

:: laurel ::

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